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1926 1440 Sideboom Cranes

  • (a) The provisions at this standard apply, except 1926.1402 (ground conditions), 1926.1415 (safety devices), 1926.1416 (operational aids), and 1926.1427 (operator qualification and certification .
  • (b) Section 1926.1426 (free fall and controlled load lowering) applies, except 1926.1426(a)(2)(i). Sideboom cranes in which the boom is designed to free fall (live boom) are permitted only if manufactured prior to [lnsert date 90 days after date of publication in the federal register).
  • (c) Sideboom cranes mounted on wheel or crawler tractors must meet all of the following requirements of asme b30.1-4-2004 (incorporated by reference, see 1926.6):
    • (1) Section 14-1.1 ("load ratings").
    • (2) Section 14-1.3 ("side boom tractor travel").
    • (3) Section 14-1.5 ("ropes and reeving accessories").
    • (4) Section 14-1.7.1 ("booms").
    • (5) Section t 4-1 . 7.2 ("general requirements - exhaust gases").
    • (6) Section 14-1.7.3 ("general requirements - stabilizers (wheei type side boom tractors)
    • (7) Section 14-1.7.4 ("general requirements - welded construction").
    • (8) Section 14-1. 7.6 ("general requirements - clutch and brake protection").
    • (9) Section 14-2.2.2 ("testing - rated load test"), except that it j applies only to equipment that has been altered or modified.
    • (10) In section 14-3.1.2 ("operator certifications"), paragraph (a), except the phrase "when required by law."
    • (11) Ln section 14-3.1.3("operating practices"), paragraphs (e), (f)(1) - (f)(4)(f)(6), (f)(7), (h), and (i)
    • (12) In section14-3.2.3("moving the load"), paragraphs (j), (l), and (m)

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