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On july 28, 2010, the u.S. Department of labor's occupational safety and health administration (osha) released a historic new standard, addressing the use of cranes and derricks in construction and replacing a decades old standard. The rule becomes effective 90  days after august 9, 2010, the date the final rule was published in the federal register.

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Subpart cc - cranes and derricks in construction


             Subpart cc

Cranes and derricks in construction

1926.1400  Scope.

1926.1401  Definitions.

1926.1402  Ground Conditions.

1926.1403  Assembly/disassembly - Selection Of Manufacturer Or  Employer Procedures.

1926.1404  Assembly/disassembly - General Requirements (applies  To All Assembly And Disassembly Operations).

1926.1405  Disassembly - Additional Requirements For Dismantling Of  Booms And Jibs (applies To Both The Use Of Manufacturer Procedures And Employer Procedures).

1926.1406  Assembly/disassembly - Employer Procedures - General  Requirements.

1926.1407  Power Line Safety (up To 350 Kv) - Assembly And Disassembly

1926.1408  Powerline Safety (up To 350 Kv) - Equipment Operations.

1926.1409  Power Line Safety (over 350 Kv ).

1926.1410  Power Line Safety (all Voltages) - Equipment Operations Closer Than The Table A Zone.

1926.1411  Power Line Safety - While Traveling.

1926.1412  Inspections.

1926.1413  Wire Rope - Inspection.

1926.1414  Wire Rope - Selection And Installation Criteria.

1926.1415  Safety Devices.

1926.1416  Operational Aids.

1926.1417  Operation.

1926.1418  Authority To Stop Operation.

1926.1419  Signals - General Requirements.

1926.1420  Signals - Radio, Telephone Or Other Electronic Transmission Of Signals.

1926.1421  Signals - Voice Signals - Additional Requirements.

1926.1422  Signals - Hand Signal Chart.

1926.1423  Fall Protection.

1926.1424  Work Area Control.

1926.1425  Keeping Clear Of The Load.

1926.1426  Free Fail And Controlled Load Lowering.

1926.1427  Operator Qualification And Certification.

1926.1428  Signal Person Qualifications.

1926.1429  Qualifications Of Maintenance & Repair Employees.

1926.1430  Training.

1926.1431  Hoisting Personnel.

1926.1432  Multiple-crane/derrick Lifts ~ Supplemental Requirements.

1926.1433  Design, Construction And Testing.

1926.1434  Equipment Modifications.

1926.1435  Tower Cranes.

1926.1436  Derricks.

1926.1437  Floating Cranes/derricks And Land Cranes/derricks On Barges.

1926.1438  Overhead & Gantry Cranes.

1926.1439  Dedicated Pile Drivers.

1926.1440  Sideboom Cranes.

1926.1441  Equipment With A Rated Hoisting/lifting Capacity Of 2,000  Pounds Or Less.

1926.1442  Severability.

Subpart cc

Appendix a standard hand signals

Appendix b assembly/disassembly- sample procedures for minimizing the risk of unintended dangerous boom movement

Appendix c operator certification- written examination- technical knowledge criteria subpart

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